This section provides the supervision forms for candidate registrants along with the supervision handbook and other information pertaining to the supervision process.

Supervision Handbook

General Supervision Guidelines for Supervision Reports

Sample Goals of Supervision 

Supervision Forms

Given the Board’s need to adequately review the supervision of Candidates, the Board adopted the policy in 2012 that the supervision reports of Candidates coming on the Candidate Register effective January 1, 2013 must be typed.

The forms for recording supervision were revised and published to the Board’s website on December 2, 2014.  This revision is intended to make the process more efficient by making it easier to complete the forms on a computer and including some reminders about expectations concerning the supervision process.

Goals of Supervision Statement

Reporting Forms

Monthly Reporting Form

(To be used during the first six months of candidacy only)

Six Month Reporting Form

(To be used after the first six months of candidacy)

December 2008 – News flash concerning late supervision reports

Final Evaluation Form

(Required prior to the oral exam)

Changes in Supervisors

  1. As the supervisor/candidate relationship is integral to the registration process, a request for a change in supervisor requires consideration by the Board.
  2. If, for any reason, a candidate wishes to change supervisors, he/she must find a new supervisor. A letter from the current supervisor outlining the reason(s) for the change and a completed ‘Change of Supervision Evaluation Form‘ are required.
  3. Any outstanding months of supervision (since the last report) that occurred with the current supervisor must be submitted at this time.
  4. The proposed new supervisor must submit the ‘Supervisor’s Consent Form’ and a current curriculum vitae.
  5. The candidate must also submit a letter outlining the reason(s) for the change. Additionally the candidate must complete three consent forms. One consent authorizes communication between the former and the proposed supervisor. The second consent authorizes communication between NSBEP and the proposed supervisor. The remaining consent authorizes communication between the proposed supervisor and the candidate’s workplace(s).
  6. Candidates are responsible for ensuring the new supervisor has a copy of the Change of Supervisor Evaluation Form, prepared by the previous supervisor, by the time of the first supervision meeting.
  7. Prior to Board approval of the new supervisor, candidates must continue with supervision; however, they can continue to work with their old supervisor or begin working with the new supervisor.
  8. The new Supervisor contacts the former Supervisor to allow for an exchange information with respect to the candidate’ supervision. This communication is documented in the supervision report.

All the required forms concerning a change in supervisor can be found below.

Change of Supervisor Evaluation Form


Supervisor’s Consent Form

(Completed by proposed supervisor and also signed by candidate)

Consent / Release Forms

Release of Information re Former & Current NSBEP Supervisor

(Completed by candidate)

Release of Information Re NSBEP & Proposed Supervisor

(Completed by candidate)

Release of Information Re Proposed NSBEP Supervisor & Employer

(Completed by candidate)

Withdrawal from the Candidate Register

Candidates who withdraw from the Register can apply for reinstatement at any time within the next two years without requirement of a new application and without loss of credit for accumulated work experience obtained before they withdrew. (If withdrawn for a period exceeding 2 years then a new complete application must be submitted to the NSBEP.)

Candidates withdrawing from Register must submit to NSBEP:

1. A written request for a leave of absence

2. A completed Evaluation Form for Withdrawal from the

Candidate Register. This Form is below.

3. Supervision Report which includes all supervision sessions to date,

since the last report was submitted. For example, if a Candidate is

withdrawing in November and the last supervision report submitted

included the months of March through August, then a report must be

submitted covering the months of September through November.

Evaluation Form for Withdrawal from the Candidate Register


In order to reinstate their registration, Registrants must:

1. Submit a written request to have their registration reinstated (provided they have not been withdrawn for a period greater than two years).

2. Pay the annual registration fee and a $50.00 reinstatement fee. (Information concerning fees can be found above.) If reinstating after June 30th of any year, please consult Section B. of the Annual Registration Renewal Policies.

Oral Exam Information

Below is information related to the Oral Exam, specifically information about scheduling the Oral Exam, and information about the Exam process itself.

Scheduling the Oral Exam

Oral Exam Process

NSBEP Notes: Ethical Issues Versus Ethical Dilemmas