Notification – Dr. Merete Sommerlund – March 15, 2022

Notification – Mr. Steven Dunsiger – November 3, 2021

Notification – Mr. Hans Asche – September 8, 2021

Summary of Investigation Committee Decision – Dr. Katherine Yurchesyn

Summary of Investigation Committee Decision – Ms. Meaghan Hollett

Summary of Hearing Committee Decision – Mr. Hans Asche

Notice of Completion of Conditions – Ms. Wendy Digout

Notice of Reprimand – Ms. Wendy Digout

Notice of Reinstatement and Completion of Conditions – Ms. Hilary Green

Summary of Hearing Committee Decision – Ms. Hilary Green

Notice of Completion of Conditions – Ms. Carol Shirley

Notice of Reprimand – Ms. Carol Shirley

Notice of Reprimand – Dr. Daniel LeGoff

Notice of Removal

You are free to contact the Board to enquire whether a disciplinary finding has been issued against a psychologist.

Conditions or Restrictions

At times, an investigation or hearing committee of the NSBEP may issue decisions which include imposing conditions or restrictions on a registrant’s license.  Some examples of conditions and restrictions would include the following: restricting a registrant’s license to a particular area of practice or population(s), or requiring the individual to work in a supervised setting or complete supervision or additional coursework.

Complaint Issues

Disciplinary findings are published on the NSBEP website. However, the following list of issues presented in the below publication may involve complaints where a Counsel and/or Caution was issued, or when a complaint was dismissed. As such, these matters do not constitute disciplinary findings. The following examples are not intended to limit investigation committees which are required to review all of the facts relating to individual complaints.

Please note that the information is presented according to version of standards in place at the time. As such, the wording of present standards may vary with respect to standards quoted at the time of the issue. Issues are organized according to their broad category (i.e., informed consent, record keeping, other).

The following summaries are not complete accounts of investigation decisions. Due to confidentiality requirements, many details and contextual factors are not reported. Without this contextual information, these summaries cannot be relied on as precedents or guidelines. They are provided to interested stakeholders, including registrants to highlight areas of concern and to prompt practitioners to review official NSBEP Guidelines, NSBEP Standards, and other documentation related to best practices. Should you have questions related to an area implicated in one of the following summaries, you may wish to consult the following directories for NSBEP guidance or to contact the Board of Examiners directly.

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