For Psychologists in Canada: In the context of telepsychology, NSBEP interprets “practice” as occurring in the jurisdiction where the psychologist is registered. Accordingly, psychologists registered and licenced to practice by a regulatory authority elsewhere in Canada may deliver telepsychology services to clients in Nova Scotia without having to obtain registration with NSBEP. For clarity, when providing in-person psychology services in Nova Scotia, psychologists registered and licenced in other jurisdictions must first obtain registration with NSBEP.  For the temporary provision of in-person services, NSBEP has a Courtesy Register available.

For Psychologists Registered outside of Canada: The NSBEP has temporarily suspended some conditions for the provision of its courtesy register for the provision of telehealth services into Nova Scotia for existing clients by psychologists registered by a regulatory authority outside of Canada.  For the provision of services via telepsychology to an existing client located in Nova Scotia, send an email to notify NSBEP E-mail
In this email, provide your Registration Number, Jurisdiction of Registration, and Contact Information, as soon as possible.

No application fee is required. After sending your information, you may begin services with clients as soon as is necessary; there is no need to wait to receive confirmation from NSBEP before providing service. Please note that the above applies only to provision of telepsychology services to existing clients. For the provision of telepsychology services with new clients or to apply to provide in-person services in Nova Scotia, please continue to use our existing courtesy register.
Click here for the link for the Courtesy Register

For NSBEP Registrants practicing telepsychology in the Atlantic Provinces

The MOU with the Atlantic Provinces provides a pathway for NSBEP registrants to notify the receiving jurisdiction in the Atlantic province where the client will be located during receipt of service (PEI Registration Board, NLPB, or CPNB) of their intention to provide telepychology services in the applicable jurisdiction, prior to commencing telepsychology practice.  The registrant shall (1) notify the receiving jurisdiction, providing the registrant’s name, contact information, and registration number, and (2) attesting to familiarity with the Telepsychology Memorandum of Understanding between the psychology regulatory bodies for the four Atlantic provinces, with the Model Telepsychology Standards of the Association of Canadian Psychology Regulations, and with the local jurisprudence and standards for practice in the jurisdiction(s) into which the registrant intends to deliver telepsychology practice; re-notifications would take place at the start of each calendar year as appropriate.

For NSBEP Registrants practicing telepsychology outside of the Atlantic Provinces

If a NSBEP registrant intends to provide telepsychology services to a client outside of the Atlantic provinces, the registrant should first contact the regulatory authority of the jurisdiction to determine what applicable requirements may be in place. The Board expects that registrants will investigate and respect the requirements of other jurisdictions when providing telepsychology or in-person services in other jurisdictions.

Memorandum of Understanding between the Atlantic Provinces regarding Telepsychology


Cross-jurisdictional telepsychology services


Model Standards for Telepsychology Service from ACPRO


Model Guidelines for Telepsychology from APA & ASPPB