As you know, several years ago the NSBEP made changes to the registration process enabling registrants to quickly renew their registration online. Now, as soon as registrants complete their renewal online, they get access to their payment receipt and a Registration Confirmation, which explicitly state that the registrant has renewed for the current year.  Because of the online renewal process, one implication has been that the only document requiring the use of regular mail has been the yellow insert that is placed behind the circular window of the Registration Certificate.

Effective for 2016 Registration Renewals, the Board will be eliminating the requirement for Registered Psychologists to have to take apart the frame of their Registration Certificate each year in order to replace the insert.  As you may know, the intention behind the insert was to verify that a psychologist’s registration was current for the year.  This process was put in place prior to existence of public websites. However, Board members when considering this topic, discussed the fact that even though one could have a Registration Certificate insert displaying the current year, this does not assure the public that a psychologist’s registration has not ended at some point during the calendar year or in fact that there have been no findings of professional misconduct or sanctions related to a psychologist’s registration. In terms of providing up-to-date confirmation of registration, the Board over the years, has invested in improvements to the website allowing a variety of current information to be displayed for both registrants and the public.  One can search the website to verify that a psychologist’s registration is current and obtain information about how to find out whether there have been any disciplinary findings for a registrant.  We know from website statistics that more people are turning to the website for various purposes.  Again, all registrants are provided with a Registration Confirmation that can be printed off which verifies that one is registered for the current year.

The change in process will help keep NSBEP moving in a “green” direction by reducing the use of paper. As well, this helps to keep costs down when considering that the price of postage has increased significantly in the last while, and other ongoing costs associated with this process will be eliminated.  Consequently these savings can better be utilized by continuing to enhance both the Board’s website and Registry Information Management System. The intention is that such enhancements will continue to improve features for both registrants and the public and better enable the Board to conduct its work.

So instead of having to take apart your Certificate each year, you can simply reverse the existing yellow insert behind the circular window of your Certificate. By reversing the yellow insert, the circular hole will be filled in and your Certificate frame will not have to be taken apart again.

Rest assured, the Board did consider other options, such as providing a gold seal in place of the circular window.  However, it was noted that the Certificate already contains the gold seal of the Board on its left side, so another seal would be redundant. The Board also considered the option of providing a new Certificate to all Registered Psychologists, but the costs of conducting a mass printing and mail-out campaign would be very high, and determined not to be a good use of funds.

However, if any registrant is uncomfortable with this suggestion to reverse the insert, he/she can order a new Certificate which will not contain a circular window.  There will be no charge for NSBEP to issue one replacement Certificate.  More than one Certificate can still be ordered and the current cost of $30 per Certificate will apply to each additional Certificate beyond the first replacement.  To order a Certificate, please send your request by email to and in the Subject Line note: Replacement Certificate 2016

Please note that in terms of sentimental value, a new Certificate would not contain the signature of the Board Chair and/or Registrar in place when your original Certificate was issued. Again, this change in process can be remedied subtly by simply reversing the existing insert behind the circular window of the existing Certificate.  It is likely that this process will be the “greenest” choice for Registered Psychologists.

Those on the Candidate Register will be issued a Registration Certificate to cover the period of Candidacy.

Information about the change in process for Registration Certificates was placed on the NSBEP website; and initially provided to registrants by email in July 2015 and once again when the notices were sent for 2016 registration renewals.  In January 2016, the Board modified its original decision to allow for one replacement Certificate to be ordered without charge.  Notification about this recent change will be sent to Registrants by email and placed on the NSBEP website.