Psychology is a regulated profession under the Nova Scotia Psychologists Act (2000).

“Psychologist” is a title protected by a law that governs the practice of psychology in Nova Scotia.

Pursuant to section 22 (1) of the Psychologists Act, one must be registered with the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology in order to use any title or description of services containing the words “psychology”, “psychologist” or “psychological”; to practice or offer to practice psychology; or to hold himself or herself out in any way to be entitled to practice psychology.*

As provided by statute, psychologists may examine the behavior of children and adults; diagnose psychological and emotional disorders; provide consultation and therapy; counsel individuals, groups and organizations to enhance physical and mental health and to achieve more effective personal, social and vocational development and adjustment; teach and apply psychological theory and principles regarding behavior and mental processes such as learning, memory, perception and human development, and design, conduct and communicate the results of psychological research.

While the data can change throughout the year, the following PDF document provides an overview of the regulated profession of psychology in terms of workforce data up to the end of the 2020 year.

You may click on the following PDF document to view this information.