Dear Registrants,
We are pleased to announce that the polls for the 2018 NSBEP Election are now open from October 4 – 18, inclusive. Below you will find instructions on how to cast your two votes.
Please find the time to review the statements made by the candidates and to complete your vote by October 18, when the polls will close. The biographical statements were circulated by email on September 19; however, the same information can be found in the listing for each candidate within the online voting platform.
To vote, you simply need to login to the voting software by entering your NSBEP Registration Number and NSBEP Password. Once you have successfully logged in, you can access the names and biographical statements of the candidates and place your vote.
If you have forgotten your NSBEP password or need to set one up, you can click here to obtain a password. Once you have setup your new password, you can proceed to the voting link above.