Continuing Competence Forms (below)

Please note: Continuing Competence Forms are not submitted to the Board unless you are audited.

Form 1 – Self-Assessment & Learning Objectives
(Optional – not submitted, however, even if one is audited)

Form  2 – Learning Objectives & Year End Review with Credit Values & Activities*
(Mandatory completion but not submitted unless you are audited)

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* The Credit Values were last updated December 1, 2016 – please see the summary directly below

Summary of Revisions to Continuing Competence Credit Values made December 1, 2016

Activity Item #3 (Professional Activities):
Increased to a new annual maximum of 10 credits (was 5) — still allows 5 credits per Board / Association

Activity Item# 5 (Supervision of NSBEP Candidates):
Increased credit from 2 to 3 credits per candidate, to a new annual maximum of 9 (was 6)

Activity Item #7 (Conferences/Conventions):
Increased to a new annual maximum of 10 (was 2)
Changed to 1 allow credit per session (e.g. keynote, theory review, conversation hour, symposium, oral presentation, poster session)
1 session = 1 hour


Additional Information concerning Continuing Competence

Sample Submission – Continuing Competence Form 2

Q & A Sessions  - last updated March 9, 2012

Complete Continuing Competence Guide

Outline of Core Competencies
(This form is for reference purposes only)

Psychological Practice Profile
(This form is for reference purposes only – already completed with Registration Renewal Process)