NSBEP extends temporary registration to colleagues from other jurisdictions as a courtesy. Psychologists registered and in good standing in other jurisdictions may apply for temporary registration in Nova Scotia. Temporary registration is available to psychologists: (a) once per calendar year (b) for a maximum of 40 working days or 300 practice hours. All placements on the Courtesy Registrar must be approved by the Registrar.


1. For placement on the Courtesy Register, a Psychologist from another jurisdiction must provide to the Board, in advance of any intended practice dates, the following items:

(1) proof of registration/licensure and good standing in their home jurisdiction*

(2) proof there are no outstanding complaints against them*

(3) proof there are no conditions on their registration / licensure*

*Click here for a form to complete steps 1-3. This form must be completed by the applicant’s home jurisdiction.

(4) a list of the dates they will be working in Nova Scotia, the employer and nature of their work. Psychologists requesting courtesy registration for 40 days or 300 practice hours, who are unable to provide a list of all dates in advance, are issued a certificate stating an expiry date of 40 working days from the date of issue.

(5) provide your email address so that we can follow up with you and provide verification of courtesy registration.

2. Psychologists wishing to practice for a period greater than 21 days must pay a $200.00 registration fee. Psychologists approved for 21 days or less may request additional days up to a total of 40 days in one calendar year, provided they pay the $200.00 registration fee.

3. Calculation of the number of practice days involved shall be based on direct client contact as well as all hours related to the direct client contact such as the analysis/interpretation of the data, written and spoken communications regarding the case, and report preparation time.

4. The Registrar on reviewing the information provided may:

(1) approve the placement

(2) request additional information or

(3) refuse the placement.

5. The Registrar or Assistant Registrar informs the psychologist of the decision.

6. Psychologists approved for a period of greater than 21 days are issued an official letter containing the Board seal which confirms their Courtesy Registration Status.

7. Psychologists approved for a period of 21 days may also request an official letter confirming their Courtesy Registration status. This will be provided following payment of a $15.00 processing fee.