Psychologists registered in Canada, click here for a chart providing a brief overview of the Registration Process

Psychologists registered in the US, click here for a chart providing a brief overview of the Registration Process

The Board is pleased to provide a secure online information system for submitting an application for registration. This system will save time by ensuring that your information is received by the Board very quickly since this information does not need to be sent by mail.  This is because your information will be captured electronically as soon as you select the option to save it – at any time during the application process.  This system will also help you to save money since you don’t need to use your paper, toner, or other stationary; and you don’t need to pay for postage. Note: We are committed to providing applicants and our registrants with a secure and protected online information management system. Our site employs 128-bit encryption, which is the strongest and most secure form of encryption generally available. The first time you use the system you will need to create an account by entering your email address and creating a password.

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Guide to Online Transfer Application Process

Click on the above icon to view a Guide to the Online Transfer Application Process.

APPLICANTS who are fully registered  as a Psychologist in another jurisdiction should use the above online application provided they possess any of the following: Full Registration in a Canadian jurisdiction; CPA/APA accredited degree; Certificate of Professional Qualification in Psychology (CPQ); Registration with the National Register Of Health Service Providers In Psychology. If you registered for autonomous practice in the US, but none of the above applies to you, you may still use the above application process as a transfer of registration may be possible. However, in this instance, the Board would need to determine through its evaluation of your application materials whether the requirements for registration in your home jurisdiction are equivalent to the registration requirements in Nova Scotia.  In the event that the applicant is not fully licensed in their home jurisdiction, the application will be considered using the regular NSBEP registration requirements. The best way to assist with the Board’s deliberations and avoid requests for additional information is to ensure that the Board has ample information about your graduate program of study.  The Board would need to determine that your graduate program meets the Board’s requirements for acceptable degrees.  Therefore, you must arrange for the following: 1. A copy of your educational transcripts (undergraduate and graduate) sent directly from the university to the Board. 2. The Board will require information about the graduate program when you undertook your studies.  This information could take the form of a program handbook which provides information about the program and admission requirements, or you could provide links to the appropriate documentation online if such information is available online from your university.  Alternatively, you may need to contact the university to have them obtain this information from archives and send it directly to the Board.


Applications must be received two weeks in advance of the meeting.

For information on Board meeting dates, click here.

Transfer Applications are reviewed at the Board’s monthly meeting and a Transfer Interview is typically scheduled on the same date as the next meeting in the adjacent month (pending Board/Applicant availability). In other words, if an application is reviewed at the March meeting, then the Transfer Interview will be scheduled on the same day as the April meeting. If you would like to request deferral of the interview until a later month when the Board is scheduled to meet, simply note this request on your application form.  Following the Board’s review and approval of the application, applicants will be notified in writing of the Board’s decision typically within 1 week following the meeting and receive confirmation of the time and date of their Transfer Interview.

Transfer Interview Information:

Transfer Applicants may request temporary registration while waiting for the application process to be completed. For more information  click here.

The following fees apply to transfers:

1. Application Fee $250.00 (Due at the time of application – included as part of the online application system)
An application fee, which is non-refundable, is required for receipt and processing of your application.

2. Transfer Interview Fee $500.00 (Due one week prior to the Interview)

3. Registration Fee (Due at time of registration) - Click here for applicable fee.

The Board accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Cheque.  You can pay any fees online by clicking here.  However, please note that when you compete the online application, this automatically will include payment of the application fee.  Paying the fee online will provide you with a receipt by email as soon as you complete the process.  Alternatively, you may call or fax your credit card information into the office or send payment by mail.